Rehash of an older drawing (from four months ago!?) and some fanart of a dead video game series no one cares about.

I mean, the second one is the fanart. I have no idea where static floating head guy is possibly from but there we go

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hey ervyone whats up drawers

som poor rendered monsters for gam project

mouth things and eye and metal ppl

then we got spooky skeleton from late haloween

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And more stuff from the pile of drawings done since April.

Gonna take a day off to see all the awesome stuff you’ve all conjured up for sure though. I’ve haven’t had a chance to sit down and hit like on all the cool art but uh… now I do.


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Some stuff based on PSO2’s closed beta about a month ago. I didn’t get to play much given the circumstances but I got enough out of it to get me in the mood to draw this poop.

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yuo folks love dem der viedo gahmes rite

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edit: last stealth update, I swear

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another one of them new fangled redesigns no one wants

The fella is supposed to be in some crazy alien infused bio-armor thing, and I was in the mood for working on stringy, stupid looking, overpainted nasty shit.

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Sorta ‘world map-ish’ on the right, huh?

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Does this whole multi-photo upload thing look fine? I keep forgetting if it looks like garbage or not.

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I really can’t think of a time or place where a sentient hand turkey is appropriate.

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I lost the will to continue this when I realized the critical errors about 3/4s in. Looks sorta cool if you squint your eyes though, almost.

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